TakeNote Systems

© TakeNote Systems AB is a Swedish company founded in 2006. The company develops and operates Internet based systems for handling of sick absence and rehabilitation support.

Our main product, TakeNote, handles registration by telephone or Internet regarding sick absence and absence for taking care of sick child. Notifications are sent to pre-defined receivers such as line manager, switchboard or HR department by e-mail and/or text messages. The hub of TakeNote is a customer unique web site with real time monitoring of current absence, standard functions to administrate the database of employees and generating statistics on group level and absence history on individual level. TakeNote will also send a reminder regarding pre-set checkpoints due to legal requirements or customer preferences.

TakeNote provides support for the connection of an occupational health care or any other medical care provider of choice. Nurses contact the employees for medical advice and recommend treatment or suggest a visit to a doctor and call the employee back after a pre-set schedule to check the progress. The web site will be updated with non-confidential information during the absence such as appraisal of preliminary days of absence.

For further information, please e-mail info@takenote.se or call +46 21 470 22 34.